4.1 How to use the Search menu

Clicking on the search link, at the top center of the Home Page, you can enter the advanced Search page.

Here you can select the different filters to apply to the Search.

You have to enter one or more search keys in the Keywords field. If you like, one of the search key can be the number of  the item you are looking for as it has been published in the numismatic reference literature (Crawford, RIC, Cohen, etc.).

Then you you can select the following additional filters to be applied to the Search to better define your query:

– Categories : you can select one or multiple categories if you like (using CTRL button)

– Category match: you can choose any of the above categories to filter them, or all the above.

– Auction Items: You can choose to search inside Live auctions, inside Timed auctions, or inside both.

– Price: You can select a price range for your search by entering the minimum and the maximum price in the two boxes under Price

– Sort by: You can sort the items returned by the Search in different ways; the possible choices are Newest, Time left, Highest Price or Lowest Price.

When you have selected all the desired filters,  you have to click the Search button to display the search results.

If you like, you can save the Search clicking on the Save Search button.

When you click the Save Search button, a pop up menu appears on the screen asking you to name (Title) your search.

Saving your Search, allows you to avoid to re-do the same search in the future and automatically updates your Whish List and produce an Alert on My Alert Page. If you chose to received the results via email, you’ll be alerted and an email will be sent to you from info@navillenumismatics.com when an item with the characteristics specified in the Search will be inserted in an NN Auction. The email you receive include the description of the item and a direct link to it on NN Website.

You can save up to 15 Searches, which will be shown at the bottom of the Search page inside My Searches box. In the My Searches box you can manage your saved Searches by adding/removing the e-mail notification (envelope vs. hand icon), modifying the parameters (lens icon) or deleting the Search (trash icon).

If you see the message “You have Reached the max. Number of alerts. Please remove one or more alerts in order to add new alerts.“, it means that you exceeded the maximum of 15 stored Searches/Alerts allowed on your Wish List, so please remove at least one Alert if you like to add new Alerts.

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