2.4 How to Register to an Auction

When clicking the Register to bid! Button, you will be requested to enter or to confirm your Shipping Information in a specific box. After filling the form, you have to click Submit.

Then you are requested to review and re-accept the terms and conditions of the Live Auction. In addition the updated recommendations for PC and mobile devices to participate to the Live Auction are showed.

By clicking on Submit you’ll send your registration request to NN and the following message will be sent to your page in the NN Website

In the mean time an email will be sent to you from info@navillenumismatics.com to confirm you that NN has received your registration request for the Auction.
Once approved, you’ll receive an email from info@navillenumismatics.com, inviting you to participate in the Auction and providing a direct link to the Auction itself.

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