2.6 How to Participate to a Live Auction

When the Live Auction starts, the Lots are hammered and closed sequentially. In the Auction page, in the Status column, Upcoming will disappear and In progress will appear.

Entering the Catalogue of the auction, you will find a tab called “Live Sale” in green colorClick it to enter the Live Auction.

At this stage, if you try to submit an Absentee bid in the Catalogue, a message will invit you to join the “Live Sale Page” to place your bids.

Once you have entered the Live Sale page, you will find a screen like the following:

If other bidders offer, the price rises and you are Outbid. In this case the screen appears as follow:

a) In the upper right corner is the Audio player. Bidders can hear and manage in real time the voice of the Auctioneer.Please note that it does not appear yet on IOS and Android devices. It is work in progress for IOS and Android.

b) Under the Lot image you can see the Current Bid.  In the Big green button the system shows you the amount you have to bid to temporarily be the highest bidder. So to place your bid being the temporary winner, click on the green button BID £775 now!.

Once you push the green button, the green button will become dark red color with the word “You are the high bidder” inside. This situation will remains till the moment in which a new bid will be submitted to the system by another bidder or, alternatively, the Lot will be knock down to you.

You’ll also find your bid indicated in bold and green in the Message Center on the right side of the page.

If no one else will send a new bid, a countdown will start  from 3 to 1 to close the lot, making it appear the word Closed!!, . If another bid is received before the Lot being Closed, the countdown is reset to start from 3 again.

You will then find the lot you won in the Items Won section in My items page. An email confirming you win is immediately sent to your email address by info@navillenumismatics.com.

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