1.1 How to Create an Account

In order to participate to Naville Numismatics Auctions or to buy on Naville Numismatics Shop, you must create a NN account to log in.

You can click on the Register Here button in the center of the Home Page of the NN Website and access directly to the Sign Up Page or you can click on the Log In link on the top right of the Home Page of the NN Website.

Then, in the Log In Page click on the Register Now! Button

Now the Sign Up Page opens: please fill in all required information. Be as accurate as possible, as this information will be used by NN to provide you an high quality service.

If you are registered for VAT, don’t forget to insert you VAT number in the Identification Number field.

In fact, in case you buy, the invoice issued by NN will show the VAT registration number and, what’s more, if you are EC resident buyer who is registered for VAT in a country other than the United Kingdom, you will be exempt from VAT payment in UK, provided that your VAT registration number is entered here and an NN nominated shipper is instructed to send you the lots you bought.

In the same Sign Up Page, selecting your favourite Payment Method help us, in case you buy, to issue rapidly your invoice with the right amount due.

The field below, Best Reference among the options, asks you to select the Coin Auction House, among a list containing the best in the world, where you believe NN can get the best reference about you. As the best Auction Houses uses to do, NN too will check the references of the new bidders before approving them to bid in a NN Auction or to buy in the NN Shop.

Then, please enter accurately your Billing Information in the box on the right of the page.

After that, go to the Confirmation box, please accurately review the terms and conditions (Conditions of Sale for Naville Numismatics Ltd. Auctions and Conditions of Sale for Naville Numismatics Ltd. Shop) and agree by checking the *I Agree to the terms and conditions above check box.

If you like to receive NN Newsletter, check the box Sign up for newsletter.

Then, enter the Captcha Code, copying the text in the blank field below. The Captcha Code is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being and not by a machine.

Finally click the Signup button.

At this point your account has been created but you need to access to your email for NN to verify that your email address is correct.

At your email address you should immediately receive an email from info@navillenumismatics.com. If you do not see the email please check your spam folder.

When you click on the link found on the email, you complete your registration and you access to NN Website. You are now able to ask to be registered to a NN Live Auction or to the NN Shop.

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