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Naville Numismatics Ltd., is a well established Coin Auction House, based in London, targeting Classical Numismatics and dedicated to great quality of service and strong know-how.

We operate exclusively through electronic channels, offering monthly live auctions as well as e-shop, where new coins are constantly added.

We provide selections of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins through an easy to use, secure and full functional website through which, among the other functions, you can: 

    • Create your own WishList and be notified, when specific items are available, without any kind of obligation
    • Submit absentee bids before the auction day
    • Create your own WatchList on a specific auction and track lots and bids
    • Participate in live auctions from wherever you like, using a PC or a mobile device
    • Keep a record of coins you purchased or bid on
    • Settle your invoice easily and quickly, directly online 

Naville Numismatics Ltd., founded by Andrea Lippi and Mattia Torre, is a partner of NAC, an auction house founded in Zurich in 1988, and well reputed to be one of the world’s leading and most trusted firms for Classical Numismatics, which, over the years, has been honoured to sell countless important collections which form part of one of the most important series of sales ever to take place in the history of Numismatics.

Our team is composed of staff with strong experience in Classical Numismatics. Mattia has a wealth of experience in well-recognised auction houses. Furthermore his experience includes work on numerous archeological sites, and a degree in conservation of cultural treasures. 

If you would like to reorganize your collection, or to sell it, and you want a professional answer to your questions, contact Naville Numismatics Ltd. NAC’s supervision and expertise guarantee a highly professional numismatic service.

In a direct conversation – either by phone or in person – together we will find the best way to sell your coins. The estimated prices are based on our extensive expertise and our excellent knowledge of the market.

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